Statement of Teaching Philosophy

I am a non-traditional student at heart.  My service as a U.S. Marine, corporate information analyst, and social studies instructor has colored my worldview.  I have earned multiple college degrees earned with much pride and effort.   All of these experiences and efforts have afforded me a special perspective on the struggles that the 21st  century student encounters.  I am inspired and dedicated to help each student who enters my classroom achieve the same success.

My teaching philosophy is centered on the premise that learning is an internal transformation of a person’s mind and character—a transformation that can be affected only through his or her own activity. I believe that learning is part of a life-long process whereby every person acquires the general knowledge that should be possessed by all human beings. This general knowledge includes that which is necessary to earn a living, perform the duties of citizenship, live honorable lives, and improve ourselves and our society.

To best illustrate my philosophy of education and to describe what I believe best helps the student achieve the state of general learning, I offer the following tenets:

  • Teachers should care about each student as individuals and as a class of learners. The central role of a teacher is to promote growth and academic achievement. To care means to listen; a good teacher is a good listener.
  • Teachers should learn from their students and from their fellow teachers, regardless of academic discipline.
  • Teachers are to serve as role models and mentors. They help students learn and succeed and must put in the time and effort to make it happen for each student.
  • Teachers should respect the impact of education on producing productive citizens by incorporating the latest in technology and methodology in addition to fostering a learning environment that is beneficial for students.
  • Teachers must impart to the student a sense of what is higher in higher learning. Higher does not mean harder. It entails the development of meaning and responsibility in life.

In sum, I believe that to educate minds we must promote learning as an internal process and put forth whatever effort or time is needed to make that happen for students. Real teachers help create responsible and productive students as well as citizens!